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Will registry -Total peace of mind  

Will Registration

You can choose which details of your will to register with Willsafe.  you do not need to stipulate the contents of your will.  Please view our online registration form to establish which details you could register with Willsafe.

Willsafe services are tailor made for your needs:  You may choose to register only certain details pertaining to your will:  The location, date signed, who we would need to inform of your will and other details such as trusts.  We could also store your will for you:  Our state-of-the-art vault is off site and only accusable by our contracted service provider and myself.  The containing folders are bar coded and I am the only person with information as to which person’s will is in the sealed folder.  This is an additional security feature which ensures that it would be impossible to tamper with your will.

Will Search Services

These are the basic services offered by Willsafe.  Please contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for

Will Storage

Once we recorded and captured your will or documents, we transport and store it with our contracted service provider in a state-of-the-art, offsite vault.

Will Search

We understand and respect your privacy. Criteria is strict for any search to be instigated.  Please read our criteria carefully before submitting a search application form.  

Will Drafting

We are able to draft your will at a minimal fee as we employ specialists in this field to draft wills for Willsafe clients at a reduced fee.  Once satisfied we will advise you on how to correctly sign and witness your will.

Companies and Trusts

Including a trusts as shareholder of companies is an effective way to reduce costs.  Register here if you would like a new trust or change your existing trust.

Qualified Executors

You may appoint your own executors or you can appoint a contracted Willsafe service provider to be the executor of your estate.  

Legal Assistance

Willsafe employ a large number of legal professionals and have several members to advise you on legal issues pertaining to your will.  

Online Forms

Herewith a selection of free online forms such as Lasting POA's, Trust and CC registration forms or links to  relevant websites.  Please see if your form is listed.  If not please contact us for further assistance.

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