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Will registry -Total peace of mind  

Will Storage (Original in our vault)

You fist need to register as a client (step 1).  Once we received your registration we will arrange to collect your will.  If you would like your will to remain sealed, we will provide you with a special envelope and bar coded seal.  Alternatively, our lawyer can check your will for compliance.  We could also only scan your will to microfilm before sealing it and locking it in our state-of-the-art offsite vault.  Please select your options and submit the registration form at the bottom of the page.    

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Step 1

Vault Service Client Registration


Bottom of  this page

Step 2

Will and/or document Collection

Willsafe Courier

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Step 3

Verification Procedures

Telephonic Recording


Step 4

Payment R 675 - Once Off

Eft or direct deposit

Banking Details

Step 5

Debit order registration - R 39 per month

Telephonic Recording


Step 6

Willsafe Capture Registration and will (microfilm)

Onsite system


Step 7

Transport, Register and lock will in vault

Offsite Vault


Step 8

Issue and courier Willsafe Certificate  

Willsafe Courier


Step 9

Follow up verification and update calls to you

Once a quarter


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