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Will registry -Total peace of mind  

Step 1 Completed: Thank you for registering

We will contact you within 24 hours if we did not receive your will registration fax.

Download your form, complete and fax it to - 086 245 7439

Step 2: Download, complete and fax

Download will registration form

Step 1

Client Registration


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Step 2

Will Registration

Download and Fax

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Step 3

Verification Procedures

Telephonic Recording


Step 4

Payment R 235

Eft or direct deposit

Banking Details

Step 5

Post original form to Willsafe

Registered Post

Postal Address

Step 6

Willsafe Capture Registration (microfilm)

Onsite system


Step 7

Willsafe issue your Certificate

Send to you by courier


Step 8

Willsafe sends registration documents to vault

Offsite service provider


Step 9

Follow up verification and update calls to you

Once a quarter