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Will registry -Total peace of mind  

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You fist need to register as a client (step 1). Registration of your will is not done online (step 2). Many people today are weary of submitting personal data electronically.  Despite our secure systems and precautions, we decided to avoid having any of our clients details submitted online.  Our onsite data capturing system is designed not to connect to the Internet or networks.  Full details bellow. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Step 1

Client Registration


Click Here

Step 2

Will Registration

Download and Fax

Click Here

Step 3

Verification Procedures

Telephonic Recording


Step 4

Payment R 235

Eft or direct deposit

Banking Details

Step 5

Post original form to Willsafe

Registered Post

Postal Address

Step 6

Willsafe Capture Registration (microfilm)

Onsite system


Step 7

Willsafe issue your Certificate

Send to you by courier


Step 8

Willsafe sends registration documents to vault

Offsite service provider


Step 9

Follow up verification and update calls to you

Once a quarter